Once, we were commissioned to produce logos and were given a very short time to do so – a day. It actually happened rather many times before over the past years ever since we were in the industry. We managed to come out with handful of acceptable logos, and eventually the client selected the most favoured one, but left us rather unsatisfied. We were not happy with the outcome ourselves, because we felt as if a logo should be thought-out and executed efficiently. When we said efficiently, it means it should follow the right creative stages of logo design.

What is the creative stages of logo design? Efficient logo design is a complex strategy that includes all the stages of design and marketing process such as:

i. setting the task
ii. user research
iii. marketing research
iv. creative search
v. choice of style direction
vi. choice of color palette
vii. testing in different sizes and environments
viii. creating a style guide setting right and wrong cases of logo use etc.

Logo design is a tricky process: many steps should be done to get an efficient result. Practice shows that the logo, which is thought-out to the slightest details and tested properly, is the worthy investment.