Burberry changed its logo for the very first time in two decades, and also came out with  a new monogram. The logo and monogram are designed by Peter Saville, commissioned to him by none other than Riccardo Tisci, Burberry Group’s chief creative officer. Tisci is also known as the creative force behind Givenchy, which he recently left in 2017.

While the old logo is classic and luxurious, the new design seems contemporary?

“The new logotype is a complete step-change, an identity that taps into the heritage of the company in a way that suggests the twenty-first-century cultural coordinates of what Burberry could be,” Saville exclusively told Dezeen.

Apparently, Peter Saville was only given four weeks(!) to produce the new design, to which a surprised Saville initially negotiated to a longer timeline.

Here’s the result of the four-weeks logo (below) in comparison to the old one (top):

Meanwhile, the pattern or monogram print features interlocking T’s and B’s—for the brand’s founder, Thomas Burberry.

What do you think of the new design?